How To Give Up My World

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How To Give Up My World
How To Give Up My World

Video: How To Give Up My World

Video: How To Give Up My World
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Perhaps, there is no such user on the Internet who would open an account on the mail server and did not face the "problem of my world", a social network that at one time automatically got everyone who has a mailbox on Mail. … It would seem to be easier than ever to get away from it, but the letters from this world are not diminishing.

How to give up My World
How to give up My World


  • - knowledge of user account data on (login, password);
  • - availability of Internet access.


Step 1

In order to refuse to participate in the project "My World", you must delete the user account of this social network. To do this, you first need to check the availability of Internet access on your computer, open a browser, go to the page and log in to this postal service.

Step 2

If you have forgotten your username or password, use the data recovery form. To do this, click on the "Forgot?" next to the password entry line. The system will prompt you to restore your login or change your password to a new one using the previously entered security questions.

Step 3

After you have logged in to the system, you must enter the URL: into the address bar, which will lead you to the main page of "My World". You can also get to the main page of the postal social network from the main page of - under the authorization form there is a button "My World" with an image of a man's bust and a blue-green circle.

Step 4

On the left side of the main page of the social network "My World" there is a minimized user menu. You need to expand it by clicking on the "More" button. After that, click on the previously hidden menu bar called "Settings".

Step 5

For a full exit from the "My World" project when saving a mailbox on, you need to go through the settings tabs and uncheck all the boxes from the existing menu items. First of all, we mean the tabs of the Notifications, Access and Sites menu, where you need to uncheck all the boxes from the offers to send news and updates to various lists, the ability to invite you to groups or communities and delete those related to My World sites accordingly.

Step 6

After you have restricted access to your page as much as possible and have prohibited the system from sending you newsletters, you must manually delete all personal data from the social network. This is done due to the fact that you can completely delete your account from My World only at the same time as deleting your account.

Step 7

Then you need to go back to the "Main page" tab of the "Settings" menu and click the "Delete your world" button at the very bottom of the page. The system will offer you to stay in "My World", to which, as an answer, you must select seven checkboxes in the proposed items of the next menu. Mandatory here is the checkbox opposite the inscription "I made an informed decision." The account in "My World" will be deleted 48 hours after the application for deletion is submitted.

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