How To Upload Hd Video

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How To Upload Hd Video
How To Upload Hd Video

Video: How To Upload Hd Video

Video: How To Upload Hd Video
Video: How to UPLOAD HD/4K VIDEOS on to YOUTUBE in 2021 | a Step-by-Step YouTube Video Upload Guide 2023, May

Many modern high-definition video sharing services impose many restrictions on size, length and quality on uploaded files. To upload a video without losing quality and share it with your friends, you can use special services, which still have their advantages over Youtube and Rutube.

How to upload hd video
How to upload hd video


Step 1

One of the more popular high definition video services is Blip. TV. The site is distributed as a repository of various episodes from shows and programs. Its advantage is that it practically does not contain the viral videos that Youtube is so full of. You can upload videos of almost any quality, size and length to this service. The site does not process or compress your videos.

Step 2

In order to register for the service, you need to go to the site and at the bottom of the page press the "Sign In" button. On the page that opens, fill in all the fields of the form, after which an email will be sent to your mail to confirm your registration.

Step 3

Follow the link from the letter. Now you can upload your videos to the service.

Step 4

Another popular service is the French project DailyMotion. It is hosting for high definition video (up to 720p). Unlike Blip. TV, the uploaded HD video is available only to a group of verified users. To obtain this status, you need to download the video does not violate copyright, that is, was filmed by yourself. To register for DailyMotion, you need to click on the "Download Video" link at the top right of the screen and follow the further instructions.

Step 5

Another interesting project is Wildscreen, which allows you to upload videos up to 720p quality. This site combines video hosting and social networking at the same time. The portal allows creators to create their own custom channels without restrictions on the length of the videos.

Step 6

American hosting Veoh allows you to download videos not only to the service, but also directly to your computer using a torrent client. There is also a sales opportunity on the project. 50% of the video goes directly to the author himself.

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