How To Promote A Community

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How To Promote A Community
How To Promote A Community

Video: How To Promote A Community

Video: How To Promote A Community
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The goals of creating communities on the Internet are different for everyone. Their popularity depends on many reasons, but the result is one - the promoted community begins to bring a good income to its author.

How to promote a community
How to promote a community


  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - your community.


Step 1

Create quality content. First, be clear about the topic and direction of your community. And then proceed to filling it out. Interesting publications, high-quality photographs and pictures, videos and other integral elements must be relevant and interesting to the participants. The information should be practically relevant and fresh.

Step 2

Invite new members. You need to spend a lot of time on this activity. You should not select people, subjectively assessing the need for participation in your community for him. Invite those who are online and let the person decide for themselves whether to join or not.

Step 3

Post links to the community on third-party resources. Copy the direct link to your page and paste it into thematic forums, on your pages on social networks and other platforms where interested people can see it. It is advisable to frame the bare link with a tempting slogan.

Step 4

Create an individual style. Hundreds of thousands of identical communities are boring and overlooked. You will have to work hard to make the page unique.

Step 5

Consider the design. A beautiful background, good tags are the key to your success. Remember, the community must have integrity. Various topics that are not related to the general topic can reduce the number of subscribers.

Step 6

Invest money. Today there are many proposals for community promotion. Any of them requires material costs. For about a hundred dollars, you get one hundred new subscribers. But these options are not always good. The downside is that attracted members are pretty quick to unsubscribe.

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