How To Identify Internet Traffic

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How To Identify Internet Traffic
How To Identify Internet Traffic

Video: How To Identify Internet Traffic

Video: How To Identify Internet Traffic
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The information that is transmitted over the internet is called traffic. Internet traffic can be determined not only by the amount of information, but also in other ways, for example, using special programs.

How to identify internet traffic
How to identify internet traffic


  • - Comm Traffic utility;
  • - Windows computer.


Step 1

Download CommTraffic from the developer's site and install it according to the instructions.

Step 2

Configure the network options in CommTraffic before you start. To do this, run the setup wizard. Click on the "Settings" button located in the menu, then click on the "Master" button located on the "Network" -> "Master" page.

Step 3

Make sure there is a connection between CommTraffic Console and CommTraffic Service. Then click the Next button in the welcome window and select the correct network configuration in the Network Settings screen.

Step 4

If your computer is not connected to a local network and you have a dial-up connection to the Internet, then select the "stand-alone computer" option. If your computer is connected to the Internet via a local network, then select "This computer is part of the local network". Click the Next button to go to the network adapter selection screen.

Step 5

In the screen for selecting a network adapter in the drop-down list, select your network adapter for traffic counting. If you have a dial-up connection or are connected to your local network via an Ethernet adapter, you will only have one adapter in the menu and you just need to select it.

Step 6

On the next screen, specify the blocks of IP addresses that CommTraffic will consider as local. If your local network has additional addresses, enter them in the network address / netmask format and click on the "Add" button.

Step 7

CommTraffic can detect proxy settings on your computer. To do this, click on the "Define" button in order to set these values, click the "Finish" button to complete the setting.