How To Make The Perfect Post For Mutual PR On VKontakte

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How To Make The Perfect Post For Mutual PR On VKontakte
How To Make The Perfect Post For Mutual PR On VKontakte

Video: How To Make The Perfect Post For Mutual PR On VKontakte

Video: How To Make The Perfect Post For Mutual PR On VKontakte
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Mutual PR or mutual repost is a free way to increase your community's audience. Thanks to him, you can get up to 300 subscribers per day without financial investment. But an effective repost is possible only with the right content and good selection of information. We have collected several secrets for promoting VK through VP, using them, you can get the most from the exchange of posts.

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How to choose a site for a VP in VK

Mutual PR is only useful with communities with similar audiences. If the public is about cooking, then it is ideal to look for partners who lead similar groups. You can widen the circle at the expense of related communities. By presenting your audience clearly, you will be able to find them without problems.

For example, women are more often interested in cooking. These are family ladies, often on maternity leave, who have time to prepare delicious meals. Accordingly, in addition to culinary groups, you can also look for communities for young mothers.

If a public with erotic content, then its subscribers are men from 16 to 45 years old. You can find them in similar or in male groups. A similar contingent will be in publics about renovating premises, making furniture by hand, car repairs, or in groups of fans of certain cars.

Where to find groups for VPs?

The easiest way is to open a search in VK and drive in your topic. The list of possible partners will immediately appear on the screen. It is worth choosing groups with similar coverage. For example, a group where 500 thousand people will not do EAP with those who do not have even 30 thousand. This is disadvantageous for the giant, as he will receive a small response. But a run-up of 5-10 thousand is not considered critical, so you can search for groups with a larger number of subscribers than yours.

There are special groups for the exchange of VPs. On the wall, everyone who wants to post an announcement about the desire to participate in mutual PR, and they should be contacted. It is advisable to study the statistics, find out the coverage. Sometimes large groups are completely inactive, which means they are not useful.

Many people make VPs in VK, so competitors will be able to spy on groups for sharing reposts. Find those with whom other publics cooperate, write to them directly. Sometimes entire communities are formed, which do the VP between themselves regularly. It is convenient and profitable.

The rules of the ideal post for a VP in VK

It is advisable to place a link to the community in the post for the VI. It can be a call - subscribe to us, we have great, the best recommendations and so on. To make the link visible, use emoticons, bright design, loud phrases. The person should be tempted to go.

An analogue of a call is a hashtag leading to posts only in your community. It has the following form: # topic @ name of your public. Find the name of the public in the address bar, it is spelled out after, for example,№№№№№. Form the theme yourself. And for the hashtag to work, they need to mark not one message, but several. And then the transition on it will lead to a group of messages from your public. In a culinary public, a topic can be - potato dishes, recipes for a multicooker, quick breakfasts, etc. The presence of such hashtags will be convenient for both users and admins.

Linking to a wiki page is also a great move. It looks like this - click on the photo to read important information. It is not difficult to create such a thing, it is only important to choose content that will be of interest to a potential subscriber.

Inscriptions can be placed on the photo. For example, 6 images, and some words on them. This can be information about your topic, a call to action, a caption with intrigue. As a result of what you see, there should be a desire to follow the link and subscribe.

VP posts without links

Often the owners of other communities make VPs only by posts without links, sales and direct appeals. In this case, you should be more inventive. For example, a post with a photo from the band's album is a great solution. A potential subscriber immediately sees that you are making good selections, what is interesting for you.

How to create a post with album photos? Open the album, copy the link from the address bar, paste it on the wall. The entire album will be attached to the post immediately. The link can then be removed. You can accompany the post with the inscription: we have the best photos !, a selection of interesting images, etc., As a result, there is no link, admins skip this format, but people see the advantages of your public.

Polls are also a good solution for VPs in VK. Voting is interesting to people, often a large number of people take part in it. And although the post is then removed from the outside group, the votes are still counted on your wall. But the survey needs to be accompanied by good illustrations to make it visible. And it is desirable to create questions that are not too complicated, the VK audience is not always inclined to think for a long time.

Group for VI for admin

VP is free advertising, the exchange of posts brings new people. Therefore, you need to offer good posts for repost. It is recommended to use the ones that users like. Based on the results of a couple of weeks or a month of work, it is worth highlighting the most popular posts and applying them to VPs in VK.

If the group is updated frequently, it can be difficult to find the most popular posts. They shift in the feed, which takes a long time to find. Therefore, you can create a separate group for VI posts. This is a community to which the best posts from your public are re-posted, and then the admins of other groups are invited to choose a post from this particular group.

Posts for VP is a community where subscribers are only admins. On the wall there are only reposts of the best posts of their advertised community. And when there is a repost from this group - on the wall of another community, a link is obtained to the main group. Those. it is a “working” community that simplifies the advertising process.

The advantage of a separate group for the VP is the presence of several posts for the VP in it. The admin of the exchange community can choose the one that he likes best. It is convenient, interesting, and you can make a dozen of the best messages at once that will definitely bring people.

VP in VK is the promotion of a group without financial costs. If organized correctly, you can save a lot of time. If you make a VP graph, it will be easier to work.

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