How To Connect Two Switches

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How To Connect Two Switches
How To Connect Two Switches

Video: How To Connect Two Switches

Video: How To Connect Two Switches
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Often, when a large local network is created, it is necessary to combine a large number of different devices. Straight-through cables are recommended for direct connection of network equipment.

How to connect two switches
How to connect two switches


Step 1

First, purchase a network cable of the correct length. It is necessary to use RJ45 cables with LAN connectors to connect switches. If you will crimp the wires yourself, use the direct crimp method, since the reverse (cross, cross) is often used to connect two computers together.

Step 2

Free up one LAN port on each network hub. If you are using an auto-tuning device, the channels can be any. It is better not to use the LAN1 port when working with a custom switch.

Step 3

Connect a network cable to both devices. Reboot both switches if the indicator does not start blinking intensively. Now all devices that are connected to these hubs are part of a single local network.

Step 4

In case network hubs are connected to routers or other similar devices, make sure that there is no “ring” connection. The fact is that experts categorically do not recommend connecting three network hubs in pairs. After all, this will lead to the fact that these devices will stop working correctly.

Step 5

And if you still find a "ring" connection, just reconnect the switches. Thus, make new connections so that network devices are not connected to each other through several channels at once.

Step 6

Avoid using very long network cables. This can lead to the fact that the data transfer rate over the local network is reduced. Do not connect laptops or desktop computers to several switches that are part of the same local network at once.

Step 7

Set your own ip-addresses to all computers when you configure the local network using switches. Remember that each ip address must be unique.

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