How To Play Parograd

How To Play Parograd
How To Play Parograd

Video: How To Play Parograd

Video: How To Play Parograd
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Parograd is an online browser game. It is free, so no money is required to register. The game is made in full-fledged 3D graphics on the Unity 3D engine and is in no way inferior to most client games in terms of texture rendering, graphics quality.


Parograd is a beautiful fantasy world made up of a large number of locations and cities that interact with each other using clockwork and energy generated by steam. The game takes place on the surface of the Universal Mechanism, full of mysteries and mysteries. Players will see the fantasy world of the industrial age, in which alchemy, magic and technology are closely intertwined.

This world is inhabited by a huge number of races, here you can meet both people and orcs, elves, dwarves and other amazing creatures. The plot of this online game is not linear. Depending on the decision made by the player, the further storyline also changes. You can travel the crazy world of Parograd both alone and in a group of like-minded people.

Registration in the game Parograd

Registration will be the first step towards starting the game. You can register by going to the official website of the game. Vaporograd does not require installation on a PC hard drive.

Next, the character selection window will open. You will need to choose a gender and form an external image of the hero. Then you need to choose a race and decide on a class. Here the player will encounter the first difficulty, as there are ten races and four classes to choose from.

Classes of heroes in the game Parograd

  • The Arcanist class is a powerful class, capable of manipulating energy and using fire, ice, and lightning in their attacks. A wand and staff serve as a weapon for this class, and light armor and shields serve as protection. Such a set of attack elements gives the arcanist class the most extensive area of action, so the class can deal damage to several opponents at once.
  • The marksmen class is distinguished mainly by the ability to conduct long-range combat. Players can deal massive damage at long range, but unfortunately cannot fight in close combat. Shooters have muskets, revolvers and rifles in their arsenal. And for protection, they use leather light and medium armor. They prefer 1v1 fights.
  • The Guardian class is the most powerful class in Parograd. They have great stamina and never give up their boundaries. The Guardians have hammers, sabers, swords and axes in their arsenal. And for protection, they use medium and heavy armor, robes and shields. Thanks to such uniforms, they are incomparable in close combat.
  • Class of mediums. This class is indispensable for team play. Mediums use energy from the sources of the Universal Mechanism and can make devastating sound and light attacks on the enemy. The medium class is the only species that can heal allied forces. He has a scepter and a spear in his arsenal, and uses medium armor, a robe and a shield for defense.

Races of heroes in the game Parograd

  • The Heartland race is a young, multicultural, pragmatic race, dwellers of industrial zones such as the Nexus, Locke, Delton. Suitable for any class, but do not have special talents and skills for anything. They have more hit points than other races.
  • The Avenossov race are highly educated people from a patriarchal society. They are prone to various kinds of research and magical construction.
  • The Ostenian race are romantics and religious fanatics. Torn between serving the king and serving the church. Therefore, they are only suitable for 2 classes - guardians and mediums.
  • The Stoigmart race are hardworking, living in the harshest conditions. They are famous for their martial arts and keep their age-old traditions. They love strong drinks.
  • The Draug race is closed. Beware of everything and everyone. They live in solitude in the ancestral ruins of their mansions.
  • The Raven race is the most beautiful and elegant race in the Parograd game. They are nobles and spend most of their time on holidays, drinking wine and dueling. Unfortunately, their life is short-lived.
  • The Goblin race are small, green-skinned creatures. They have great curiosity and therefore constantly get into unpleasant stories.
  • The Hobb race are also green-skinned creatures, but unlike the goblins, the Hobbes are an inhospitable people. They sacredly honor their age-old traditions of martial arts. Great for the shooter class.
  • The Orc race is the most feared of the greenskins. Orcs are very large and strong, they are outcasts and therefore very dangerous.
  • Race of Dwarfs - small and stocky dwarfs with all their zeal protect their forges from the ravages of time. Ideal for the Guardian class.

After the final choice of race and class, the player will be able to plunge into the execution of various quests, arena battles and team duels. From level 6, a player can create his own clan or join an existing one. A varied number of locations will open up as the game progresses and the player makes certain decisions. Impeccable graphics and great music will impress any player in Parograd.

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