How To Make A Rope In Minecraft

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How To Make A Rope In Minecraft
How To Make A Rope In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Rope In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Rope In Minecraft
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There are several different analogues of rope in Minecraft - this is the thread that is used to create tools and tension sensors, and the leash on which you can lead animals. The latter is created from a thread.


Step 1

The thread is a very useful item in the game. It is quite difficult to get it at the initial stage, since for this you need to kill several spiders, and they are quite dangerous monsters. The thread can also be obtained from the web, but many spiders usually live next to it, which makes this method no less dangerous.

Step 2

You will need a sword to hunt spiders or extract threads from spider webs. It is advisable to use stone, not wood. To create it, you need one stick and two cobblestones, they need to be placed vertically on the workbench, while the stick should be in the bottom cell. If you are going on a long-distance expedition, make some swords or bring boards with you so that you can make a workbench and tools on it at any time.

Step 3

Note that it is not necessary to go far from home in search of spiders, usually at night they, like other monsters, spawn (appear) on unlit areas of the map near your house. If you fear aggression from other monsters, go out hunting for spiders at dawn. Zombies and skeletons are damaged by the rays of the sun, and spiders simply do not attack. As soon as you land the first blow on the spider, be ready to retaliate. These monsters know how to jump, which makes them not the most pleasant opponents. By the way, before you attack the spider, make sure that there are no skeletons or creepers next to it. The first ones are very unpleasant to shoot from a distance, removing a fairly large amount of health, while getting close to them is difficult due to constant attacks. The latter tend to sneak up and explode in the immediate vicinity of the player, such a detonation has a very negative effect on health. In the heat of a fight with a spider, such a surprise can be fatal.

Step 4

One spider drops up to two units of threads. This resource is used to create a fishing rod, which can greatly simplify the production of food in the early stages of the game, a bow, which makes it easier to protect against monsters, and a leash, with which you can create an animal farm, which helps to solve the issue of nutrition completely.

Step 5

To create a bow and fishing rod, you only need threads and sticks. A fishing rod is easy to craft on a workbench. To do this, you need to place three sticks diagonally, and two threads "lower" and the upper corner of the diagonal down. To create a bow, you need to fill one of the extreme verticals with threads, and place the sticks as follows - in the middle vertical you need to fill the upper and lower cells with them, and in the remaining - the middle one.

Step 6

To make a leash, you need slime. It can be obtained from slugs, which are quite rare monsters. You can find them in swamps or at the bottom of large canyons. These monsters come in three sizes, and the slime is obtained from the smallest ones. On the workbench, you need to fill three cells that form the upper left corner with three units of thread, put mucus in the central cell, and put another thread in the lower right cell. You can lead animals on leashes and tie them to the fence.

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