How To Quickly Pump A Character

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How To Quickly Pump A Character
How To Quickly Pump A Character

Video: How To Quickly Pump A Character

Video: How To Quickly Pump A Character
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Computer role-playing games are characterized by the constant development of their characters. Unlike strategies or shooters, where the main variable is resources, in role-playing games the most important factor is the level of the character, his characteristics and abilities.

How to quickly pump a character
How to quickly pump a character


Step 1

First, choose what exactly you will play. It can be either an online multiplayer game or a single player. Regardless of the game you choose, the next step is character creation. In different computer games, this process is implemented in different ways: somewhere you will need to answer some questions, as when passing a psychological test, and somewhere you will have to understand the distribution of characteristics and abilities. One way or another, for the fastest possible leveling of the character, it makes sense to study third-party resources for the game (articles, guides, forums), so that later you do not redo the character that you did not like.

Step 2

The character is created, and you go to explore the game world. As a rule, games help beginners, so you will be offered to take training in the basics of controlling your character. Some of the games have a rather complex interface, so it's best not to neglect the tutorial scenarios.

Step 3

There are several ways to gain experience needed to level up a character. The two main ones are completing tasks and destroying monsters. Which one to choose is up to you, but it is worth considering that at the initial stage, tasks, as a rule, turn out to be more profitable. In addition, mindless killing of monsters will not bring you any closer to the passage of the main storyline of the game. Finally, many of the tasks will still require you to destroy a certain number of opponents, so it is better to get experience both for killing them and for completing the task.

Step 4

In any game there are unbalanced characters who, under certain conditions, are able to defeat strong opponents, significantly exceeding their level, without any problems. Naturally, such a victory will bring a lot more experience. On the other hand, many characters are capable of dealing damage to several monsters at the same time. For them, the most successful tactic would be to gather a group of weak enemies against themselves and destroy them at once.

Step 5

Characters in some games are pumped not for experience, but for the successful completion of certain actions, for example, casting spells or creating weapons. If you try, you can find a way with minimal expenditure of game resources and time, to raise the level of your character, producing, for example, cheap daggers in the game Skyrim.

Step 6

In multiplayer games, characterized by the division of roles in a group, in some cases it is easier and more profitable to level up with two or three. So, in World of Warcraft, a lot of experience can be gained by going through dungeons and completing group tasks. In Lineage II, you can join forces with a support character, such as a healer, to greatly simplify the process of killing monsters.

Step 7

In order to choose the right path for fast leveling, it is worth reading the tutorials for your game. Someone has probably already found all the ways to bring a particular character to the maximum level as quickly as possible. Try to estimate the time it takes you to pump in one way or another, and choose the best solution. By quickly pumping a character, you can skip many interesting plot twists, and role-playing games are often famous for it.

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