How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

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How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

Video: How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

Video: How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft
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Finding more diamonds in Minecraft is the cherished dream of many fans of this game. Such aspirations are dictated not by money-grubbing, but by ordinary practicality. The most durable armor, weapons and tools, as well as an enchantment table, are crafted from the above material. If you play with mods, you can create other useful items from diamonds. How and where to get such a useful resource?

Diamonds in the game are extremely demanded
Diamonds in the game are extremely demanded

Precious Mineral Ore

As strong as in real life, diamonds in Minecraft are mined from the corresponding ore. Its deposits are usually generated underground, at a height of up to twenty blocks from the bedrock. However, statistical analysis shows that the largest accumulation of such ore is observed in five to twelve cubic meters above the administration.

At the same time, getting such valuable material is a rather rare piece of luck. Although blocks with diamond ore (which have a gray stone texture with light blue blotches) usually come across whole veins - up to eleven units - they still need to be found.

While it is possible to attack such material, it may be necessary to break more than one pickaxe. By the way, only an iron tool is needed and must be enchanted with a silk touch (however, it is possible without it, but then the extraction will not be so effective). To get more diamonds from the ore, it is worth mining them with a tool enchanted for good luck. However, there is another way to extract them - melting in a furnace.

Difficulty finding a diamond

The search for diamond ore is a rather resource-intensive process. Until luck smiles, you can grind off a few picks and eat a ton of food. In addition, to descend into the mine, you will need a lot of torches - you will have to illuminate the dug tunnels so that hostile mobs do not spawn there. It also does not hurt to take a weapon with you (in several copies), especially if the game is played in multiplayer: there are many who are eager for other people's diamonds.

One of the obvious dangers for a miner aiming at the extraction of a valuable mineral is that the resource he needs is very often adjacent to lava lakes. It is better to get rid of them by displacing any solid blocks, and then destroying the latter. Water poured onto the lava will also help (at the same time, it is possible that several cubes of cobblestone will turn out).

Many experienced gamers use the following method to find diamond veins. They cut a tunnel at a height of about six to twelve blocks from the bedrock and from it in different directions at a distance of about every two cubes they divert perpendicular corridors. So great is the chance not to miss the diamond ore vein.

When on the way comes across earth (by the way, a sure sign of the proximity of the desired mineral) or gravel, it is better to scoop them out with a shovel or other simpler tool, so as not to waste the strength resource of an iron pickaxe on them. Of course, we must not forget to install torches on the walls of the tunnels.

Having seen a vein of diamond ore, it is worth digging in from all sides before mining. This precaution is necessary due to the fact that there is often a lake of lava directly under the valuable resource. Here, the player's character will face not only death, but also a certain loss of inventory. By the way, it is better to hide the mined diamonds as soon as possible in a secluded (preferably sealed) place. Then, if a gamer loses his gaming life, they will not be lost.

Other ways of mining

Diamonds are found in the gameplay and already in the form of the precious stones themselves. You can find them in various treasuries, abandoned mines, in temples, in fortresses and other places where there are chests. However, one should not assume that this method of their extraction is much easier than going down the mine.

Quite the opposite - any treasury is fraught with much more dangers than ordinary man-made mines a stone's throw from the player's home. Temples are often multi-level, they often have a lot of labyrinths and traps that a gamer needs to overcome at least in order to determine where the exit is.

In addition, such locations are usually teeming with monsters of all stripes. There are even hostile mob spawners in the treasures, constantly spawning these creatures into light. Therefore, the gamer will need all his cunning and playing skills to think over the tactics of combat and passing such obstacles. The valuable resources that he then finds in the chests, including diamonds, will be a small reward for such a mini-feat.