How To Deal With Email Spam

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How To Deal With Email Spam
How To Deal With Email Spam

Video: How To Deal With Email Spam

Video: How To Deal With Email Spam
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Fighting spam is like a war on windmills, because unwanted mail will not end its existence until the moment when a law is passed that prohibits spamming. However, there are ways to keep unwanted spam to a minimum.

How to deal with email spam
How to deal with email spam


Step 1

Create several mailboxes, which you will use as follows: the first mailbox - personal and work correspondence; the second box - receiving mailings and news from those sites to which you are subscribed; the third box is an e-mail for registration on forums and sites. It is clear that only the first mailbox containing personal correspondence will be the safest: the amount of spam in it will be minimal. The second and third mailboxes will contain a lot of spam.

Step 2

For those who use an email client, it is advisable to set up a spam filter that will help fight unwanted mail. As a rule, most mail servers offer a certain set of tools that allow you to customize the work with letters and send unwanted mail directly to spam.

Step 3

Create a list of recipients from whom you are allowed to receive letters, and a "black list", in which you need to add all unwanted correspondents. Be careful: a letter with the necessary and expected information may be included in the "black list".

Step 4

Be careful when choosing a name for your mailbox. Spammers often send emails to the most popular names and words that some users use to refer to their mailboxes. So, it is better not to choose names like [email protected] or [email protected] for e-mail, the most suitable names would be [email protected] or [email protected].

Step 5

Sending an angry letter to the spammer's clients also works well for spammers. If the mailing list contains the advertiser's number, then you can call him and tell him what you think about his methods of promoting goods or services.

Step 6

Remember not to buy anything from spammers. Do not open those links that are contained in spam mailings.