What Is VP Vkontakte, Features, Rules, Results

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What Is VP Vkontakte, Features, Rules, Results
What Is VP Vkontakte, Features, Rules, Results

Video: What Is VP Vkontakte, Features, Rules, Results

Video: What Is VP Vkontakte, Features, Rules, Results
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VP in VK is a mutual PR in one of the most popular social networks in Russia. It is a way to exchange members with other groups. It is carried out through the exchange of reposts, which expands the reach of the group.

What is VP Vkontakte, features, rules, results
What is VP Vkontakte, features, rules, results

How to make VP Vkontakte?

What is VP is an exchange of reposts, mutually beneficial cooperation to attract people. Mutual PR is an opportunity to bring new subscribers to the community without serious financial investments. But this is a very time consuming method. As a result, the audience of similar communities sees your posts, and can register for your page. If you have interesting content, there is a chance to get up to 300 people a day.

Only groups with similar content agree to the VP in VK. Women's publics cooperate with each other, pages with the 18+ theme, men's communities change separately. There are many groups, and it is not profitable to do VIs with the opposite content, then some people who do not want to see other content may be deleted. That is why you need to choose the right audience for VP.

VP in VK is beneficial with communities with large reach. Of course, you can look at the number of subscribers, but often this is a false indicator. There may be 100,000 people in a group, but most are inactive. And there are pages with 5 thousand subscribers, but they constantly visit the community, participate in discussions. Therefore, you need to look at the coverage, the higher it is, the more people will see your post.

What is a VP? This is a promotion method that works. Well-crafted posts can grow your audience. But this method is suitable for groups of more than 2000 people. With a smaller number of people, the time spent will be too complicated, since mutual PR will bring 1-2 people a day, and the attraction will take a lot of time.

Setting up a VI in VK

First, you need to find groups that do VPs with similar reach and audience. There are several methods for this:

  • search for groups by topic through VK search;
  • selection of options among the groups for the VP;
  • monitoring of airspace from competitors.

VP in VK is not very common. Not all group owners are aware of this method. Therefore, you can write to the admins, tell them about the opportunity and negotiate. Someone will agree, someone will refuse. You can find admins through the search. Then write a "message to the group" or to the owner directly. There are no groups with less than 1500 people in the search, smaller communities need to be searched differently.

Special groups for IDPs in VK are formed every month. There you can leave a message on the wall about the desire to exchange posts. You can also watch the ad of other people, and respond to their proposal. Frequent posting on such resources can lead to account blocking, you should not get carried away.

Groups for VPs can also be found from competitors. Just watch - with whom they change, and then contact the admins of these pages. Sometimes entire communities are created where people exchange posts on a regular basis. This is beneficial for everyone involved.

The content of the proposal for the VP should be specific, sending it to the admins, you need to be polite and provide the necessary data right away. It is worth indicating the name of your group, target audience, a link to the public page and a link to statistics. After examining this information, the owner of the other resource will respond to the request.

VI Result

There is no single statistics on mutual PR, the results of the EaP may change. It all depends on the characteristics of the audience, the uniqueness of the content, etc. But a public page with 10 thousand subscribers per day can increase by 100-150 people with 30-50 VP. Indicators can go up to 300 people, but this is rare.

Subscription activity is reduced during the summer months. This trend is seen across all networks. Little activity on weekends in summer. Even advertising on VK on Saturday is often 10-15% cheaper than on other days.

VPs are also made by large publics. But they are only interested in equal partners, so they can be paid for the repost. It is often equated with advertising, and the cost can be high. But you can talk about the lack of "sales" and additional links, and this sometimes gives an opportunity to "bring down" the price.

What is a VP, what are its rules

  1. Mutual PR in Vkontakte is done for a certain time. A post from another community is often left for a few hours and then removed from the group. It is more convenient to use the exchange of reposts for 2-3 hours. The term is discussed in advance.
  2. VP in VK is not an advertisement, so no one guarantees that it will hang in the first place for an hour or more. Therefore, immediately after the VI, you can upload new messages or make another VI.
  3. It is not recommended to repeat mutual PR with the same groups every day. It is better to alternate posts with an interval of 1-3 days. It is ideal to schedule and work on an EaP schedule for the week ahead.
  4. Do not break the agreement and delete messages earlier. Most admins check for a response post and when it was posted. Honesty is the key to mutually beneficial cooperation.
  5. The maximum number of posts in the Vkontakte community is limited. It is allowed to add no more than 50 messages per day. And even if a part is deleted, it is still not recommended to go over the limit.

Making a VP in VK is convenient, profitable and even interesting. But to get a good result, you have to do a lot of work. Creating a PO schedule, communicating with other community owners, monitoring a PO, and clearing a group of other people's messages is not difficult, but it takes time.

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