How To Choose Email

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How To Choose Email
How To Choose Email

Video: How To Choose Email

Video: How To Choose Email
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As soon as you enter the Internet, the very first and necessary step will be to create your own email account. Today it is needed literally everywhere … Without it, you will not be able to register on social networks or conduct business correspondence.

How to choose email
How to choose email


  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - Email.


Step 1

Choose a suitable email provider. Currently, the Internet offers many different options for creating and designing an e-mail box. This can be done for free on services such as, and

Step 2

Choose mail from Google at, if you are going to do serious business and want to protect your personal information well, you want to be guaranteed to receive all personal letters. You should create your own mailbox on, even you already have your mail from another provider. This platform has many advantages, there is almost instant delivery of letters and many advanced functions, for example, chatting, forwarding. You don't have to worry that the addressee will receive all your letters.

Step 3

Register at mail if you often use this search engine. There is also an excellent quality of service and delivery of letters. In addition, the provider often tries to surprise customers with various innovations and tries to improve the quality of work. Recently, it became possible to change the account design here. For example, if it is cold outside the window and winter is fierce, and you put a summer image with flowers, then it will warm the soul very much.

Step 4

Start a mail on if communication on social networks is important for you (there is a well-known service "My World" here) or you want to get an easy-to-remember mailbox name.

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