How To Organize An Online Store

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How To Organize An Online Store
How To Organize An Online Store

Video: How To Organize An Online Store

Video: How To Organize An Online Store
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Due to the increase in the number of Internet users, and at the same time the increase in the number of people who are ready to purchase various kinds of goods in online stores, doing business via the Internet is now becoming more and more popular in Russia. Books and printed materials, DVDs, music are in the greatest demand among the Russian Internet audience. They also actively buy computers and their components, electrical appliances, digital equipment, such as mobile phones. Information products are also very popular - e-books, software and computer games, music.

How to organize an online store
How to organize an online store


Step 1

First of all, come up with a domain name for your online store, of the standard form: The name of the store should be unique, as light and memorable as possible. The domain of the store site can be in one of the,.net,.com,.org.

Step 2

This is followed by the most crucial step - actually opening an online store. There are two options for this. In the first case, you need to buy hosting and scripts - special software, and then install the scripts on your hosting. This option is technically more complicated, but it has certain advantages, since in this case the website of the online store is completely running on your own equipment. Only you administer the site and have full access to your data.

Step 3

For another option of opening an online store, you can use a specialized web service. In this case, the software is installed by default and to start a business you only need to register, after which you can start working. The disadvantage of this method is that you will not have FTP access, as well as access to the PHP script code, that is, you will not be able to reprogram the site to suit your own needs. The advantages are the simplicity and availability of such a service.

Step 4

Now you should start designing the site, come up with a logo for the store, think over the colors and design of the site. For a better performance of this task, you can turn to an experienced web designer. In this case, you need to build on the convenience of the user - the site should be simple, but carefully thought out so that the buyer can easily navigate in your online store. It is also necessary to add products to the store, while paying the most attention to photographs representing the products - they should be beautiful, give the most complete and clear picture of your product.

Step 5

Place as much contact information as possible on a separate page of the site, including phone numbers for communication, ICQ, Skype, email address, actual office address (if any). You can even post photos of your office or employees. Thus, the user's confidence in you, as a real representative of the Internet service, will increase significantly.

Step 6

Also think over and set up various methods of payment and delivery of goods. It is good if your store will present the main electronic payment systems of the Russian Internet, it is also possible to pay by receipt or cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods by the buyer and other methods. Activate the ability to automatically calculate the cost of the selected delivery method (via courier services or the delivery service of the Russian Post).

Step 7

After completing the technical stage of opening an online store, start advertising, developing and promoting it in search engines.