How To Make A VKontakte Group Popular

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How To Make A VKontakte Group Popular
How To Make A VKontakte Group Popular

Video: How To Make A VKontakte Group Popular

Video: How To Make A VKontakte Group Popular
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Groups and public pages on VKontakte unite people by common interests and allow them to participate in discussions, post notes, videos, etc. To make the VKontakte group popular, you first need to come up with a catchy name for it and create a description that meets the SEO rules.

You can attract people to the VKontakte group in several ways
You can attract people to the VKontakte group in several ways


Step 1

Come up with a suitable name for your group or public. It should contain a keyword by which users can find your group and join it. For example, when creating a page about music, you should not call it, for example, "A group of those who are crazy about music." You can make the VKontakte group popular much faster if you narrow the direction of the page and indicate a certain genre in its name - "Our love is rock music" or a popular phrase - "Those who love to listen to music." This will position your page higher in the search for the selected keywords. One way or another, try to make the name unique and eye-catching (some users deliberately join groups with beautiful names to decorate their page with them).

Step 2

Create a detailed description of the group in the dedicated field. Don't leave it blank and don't be limited to one sentence. Write 2-3 paragraphs, beautifully describing the purpose of the group and using 2-3 times the keyword from the title, as well as several phrases close to it.

Step 3

Set a bright and memorable group logo. Currently, there are quite a lot of all kinds of groups on the VKontakte social network, and if you put a simple or already used picture by someone, then you risk getting lost among competitors.

Step 4

Invite your friends to your group, and also post an announcement about its opening in other groups with similar topics. Be careful and place the invitation only where it is allowed, while changing its text more often, otherwise the VKontakte administration will suspect you of sending spam."

Step 5

Try to make the VKontakte group popular by leaving links to it on third-party resources: forums, entertainment sites and sites with similar topics. You can post links on the main pages of resources on a paid basis, by agreeing with their owners.

Step 6

Ask for help in special groups "VKontakte" for promotion. For a fee or service, users will help promote your public. However, one should not rely heavily on this method. If those who joined were initially uninterested in your group's topic, they may soon leave.

Step 7

Use the advertising service "VKontakte". You will find a link to it in the group's resources when you create it. On a paid basis, your ads will be placed in teaser ads, apps, and other groups.

Step 8

Do not forget to regularly update the content of the page, add new posts to the wall, comments, albums, tracks and videos. Remember that people who like your group will definitely recommend it to their friends. As a result, the popularity of the page will grow every day and without your participation.