How To Get A Password Without Sending SMS

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How To Get A Password Without Sending SMS
How To Get A Password Without Sending SMS

Video: How To Get A Password Without Sending SMS

Video: How To Get A Password Without Sending SMS
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Not all information on the Internet is public. Sometimes, in order to gain access to a file, the resource prompts the user to send an SMS from his mobile phone. Is there a need to get a password this way?

How to get a password without sending SMS
How to get a password without sending SMS


Step 1

It never hurts to be careful, so check the reliability of the site if its administration asks you to send an SMS from your phone. Try to figure out what considerations the employees of the Internet resource are guided by in this case. First of all, read the terms of use of the resource (F. A. Q.). All questions about sending SMS and possible follow-up actions should be clarified here.

Step 2

Most social networks, forums, e-mail servers require synchronization of the account with the owner's personal phone number. Remember, did you enter your phone number when registering on the site? To protect your personal page from possible hacking and unauthorized actions, the resource requires identity confirmation using the password you received via SMS. This system is very convenient if you have forgotten the password to your account. This service is generally free and secure.

Step 3

If you are unable to recover your lost password using SMS, contact the server support service. Surely there are additional ways to activate your account, for example, an answer to a security question.

Step 4

If you want to access license information located on a site with paid services, most likely, a certain amount will be charged from your account for the SMS sent. If you are on the website of the official online store, you can use its services and receive a secret password only by paying for it.

Step 5

Be careful with SMS requests on the Internet. You can often stumble upon scammers. A typical situation is when a user downloads the files he needs in an encrypted archive, which can be opened only after receiving a password. Be careful! You can only put a password on some documents, for example Microsoft Word, but the archive itself cannot be encrypted. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not send SMS and do not try to unpack the archive - most likely, there is a virus inside, and all the money will be withdrawn from your mobile account. Delete such an archive and check your computer for viruses.

Step 6

If you "caught" a virus, and a pop-up page of obscene content appears on your computer, which promises to close after entering your password, do not send SMS to scammers. Call a competent professional who will clean your computer and install a good antivirus.