How To Get Sick In The Sims 3

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How To Get Sick In The Sims 3
How To Get Sick In The Sims 3

Video: How To Get Sick In The Sims 3

Video: How To Get Sick In The Sims 3
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In the computer game The Sims 3, your characters can get sick. They will not die from this, but they will show symptoms of illness and worsen their mood. Illness does not provide any bonuses, except for the absence of the need to go to work, but it is quite interesting to watch and care for a sick Sim.

How to get sick in The Sims 3
How to get sick in The Sims 3


Step 1

To get sick in The Sims 3, send your Sim (character) to the hospital or get a job there. Find sick patients there and contact them for a long time. After that, your Sim will show signs of illness within 2 days. To stop and cure the disease, do not let your Sim out of the house for these 2 days. If your Sim is working, call work and take sick leave. If you want the disease to progress, keep going to work and walking down the street. Sim will not die, but after that he will be permanently released from work and school.

Step 2

Another way to get sick in The Sims 3 is to walk in the rain or snow in light clothes. Send your Sim for a walk in puddles or snow in shorts and a T-shirt, and the result will not be long in coming. If you take the character out on such walks from time to time, the illness will last much longer.

Step 3

In some additions to The Sims 3, the hero can catch seasickness. To do this, take him out to sea on a pleasure boat or go to a houseboat. Wait for a little rough seas and your Sim will start to feel sick. After a while, after the pitching stops, the Sim will feel bad for a while.

Step 4

To get allergies, send your Sim to pick flowers in the spring and summer. After prolonged contact with flowers, he will develop allergies. After a Sim has waited for a while indoors, he will feel better, but if he picks up the flowers again, the allergy will reappear.

Step 5

To get food poisoning, look for a wheeled diner on the street. Then have your Sim eat two meals in a row in it. After that, for 2 hours the Sim will feel sick and will be considered poisoned. Also, do not wash dishes after meals, leaving behind dirty dishes and leftovers. Wait for insects to move around. Do not call the exterminator and stay near them all the time. Your sim will soon be poisoned.

Step 6

In addition, during the game, you can enter a cheat code and get sick. To do this, press the Ctrl, Shift and C keys at the same time. In the window that opens, enter: MakeMeSick Tester - Give me a Cold to get the sim sick with a cold, Give me the Flue to get the flu, Food Poisoning to get poisoned.