How To Set Up Strong Dc Corbina

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How To Set Up Strong Dc Corbina
How To Set Up Strong Dc Corbina

Video: How To Set Up Strong Dc Corbina

Video: How To Set Up Strong Dc Corbina
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Strong DC is a file sharing software that allows Corbina users to download files from each other at speeds up to 100 Mbps. To work with this network, you must first install and configure the Strong DC application, then connect to any server and share some of your files for access.

How to set up strong dc Corbina
How to set up strong dc Corbina


Strong DC client


Step 1

Go to the official developer site and go to the downloads section. Download and install the latest Strong DC client. Also, this application can be found on any Corbina forum. The second option is more preferable, since in this case you can get a client that is already Russified and configured for the parameters of the Corbin network. In this case, the application has the addresses of the servers and automatically connects to them at startup. If your client does not have these settings, then you will have to perform them yourself.

Step 2

Launch the original Strong DC client and press the key combination Ctrl + F. From an empty space, right-click and select "New" or "New" from the menu. A window will appear in which you must enter the server (hub) address. After that, come up with a nickname with a prefix that identifies your area. The name can be from 6 to 20 characters, it is permissible to use Latin and Cyrillic, symbols and numbers.

Step 3

Click the "Ok" button. If you want the program to connect to the specified server at startup, check the corresponding box next to it. Otherwise, to connect, you just need to double-click on its shortcut.

Step 4

Verify Strong DC client is set to active file transfer mode. Other modes can only be used if you are connecting to the Internet through a router or router. Go to the File menu and select the Setting item. Go to the Connection Settings tab and check the Direct Connection line. Click the "OK" button and restart the Strong DC client.

Step 5

Share a specific number of your files to access your local hub. To do this, open the settings menu and go to the Sharing section. A window with a directory tree will appear, in which select the desired folder and mark it with a tick.