What Are The Favorable Tariffs For MTS Unlimited Internet

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What Are The Favorable Tariffs For MTS Unlimited Internet
What Are The Favorable Tariffs For MTS Unlimited Internet

Video: What Are The Favorable Tariffs For MTS Unlimited Internet

Video: What Are The Favorable Tariffs For MTS Unlimited Internet

Many customers of mobile operators, who are accustomed to spending a lot of time on the Internet, prefer to use unlimited Internet. There are several MTS tariffs that allow you to use such a convenient service.

tariffs MTS unlimited internet
tariffs MTS unlimited internet

Today you can go online from computers, phones, tablets. For each of these gadgets, the most convenient tariffs for MTS unlimited Internet, full or conditional, are provided.

What packages of unlimited MTS traffic exist in general?

Unfortunately, this operator has only one tariff for unlimited unlimited Internet. This is "Internet 4 Mbit / s" (or 3 Mbit / s) within the package "MTS Connect 4"

But at the same time, MTS offers several tariffs with night unlimited:

  • Smart Nonstop;
  • "Internet-VIP"
  • "Internet Maxi".

Which packages are suitable for phones

MTS tariffs for completely unlimited Internet for phones for 2017 do not exist at all. The tariff "Internet 4 Mbit / s" or (3 Mbit / s) are intended for modems and are connected when purchasing the latter in the operator's salon.

However, when connecting tariffs of the Smart variety, phone owners receive, among other things, the opportunity to use the Internet for free within the range of 2-30 GB per month. Also, for some of these packages, for example, "Unlimited" or Smart Nonstop, it is possible to purchase additional traffic of 500 MB - 1 GB for a fee of about 70-100 rubles.

MTS tariffs unlimited internet for tablets and computers

The owners of such gadgets, as already mentioned, can use a package with absolutely unlimited traffic "4 Mbps" or "3 Mbps". The first for 2017 costs 770 rubles / month, the second - 550 rubles / month. The speed of 3 Mbps is quite enough to watch videos on YouTube and play games. It is this tariff that can be considered the most profitable where 3G Internet catches well, but there is no LTE yet. For the MTS 4G modem, the “4 Mbit / s” unlimited Internet tariff will most likely be the most convenient.

Internet tariffs

Among other things, the owners of MTS tablets and computers are provided with such conditionally unlimited night Internet tariffs as VIP and Maxi. Both of these packages are quite expensive - 600 and 450 rubles / month, respectively. They can be beneficial, first of all, for those who use MTS TV. For such customers connected to the VIP or Maxi tariff, MTS provides a 30% discount on TV. If the traffic is exceeded, the subscriber is charged 20 rubles / day when accessing the Internet. You can use the modem with connected tariffs MTS Unlimited Internet Night VIP and Maxi even outside your region. But in this case, you will have to pay 50 rubles / day.

Useful advice

Unfortunately, services at different rates of MTS change quite often. All the information presented above is relevant for 2017. Therefore, if you decide to connect the unlimited Internet to MTS, you should definitely visit the official website of this operator and additionally clarify the conditions for providing the service at the selected tariff.

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