How To Send SMS To Other Countries

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How To Send SMS To Other Countries
How To Send SMS To Other Countries

Video: How To Send SMS To Other Countries

Video: How To Send SMS To Other Countries
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Today many people have to send SMS to their relatives and friends abroad. With the modern development of technology, this can be easily done in a variety of ways. The most popular ones are worth considering.

How to send SMS to other countries
How to send SMS to other countries


  • - Computer;
  • - Internet access;
  • - mobile phone;
  • - contact numbers.


Step 1

Check the possibility of sending SMS abroad from your telephone operator via the Internet. You can find quite a few free services of this type.

Step 2

Find out which operator your friends or family overseas are using. Find sites with free services for sending SMS. Usually, in such cases, you will be given a specific form to fill in the data and the recipient's number. Enter the text of the message and the required phone number along with the area code. Try not to write too much, as there are certain restrictions on the number of characters. The recipient will be able to accept your message from the site, but will not reply to it.

Step 3

Use a popular method like Yahoo Messenger or other free SMS instant messaging programs. Sign in to your account. Right-click on one of the contacts and select the "Contact Information" section. Enter your mobile phone number with country code and area code. Save your changes. Right click again and select Send SMS. Now enter the required text and send it just like instant messages in chat. This function is supported by all services for sending SMS via the Internet.

Step 4

Get access to roaming service for your mobile phone number. Of course, it's not free, but much cheaper than sending SMS directly. Find out the foreign phone number. Switch your cell phone to roaming mode and do not turn it off while you are there. Using roaming, recipients in your home country will be able to receive text messages at current local rates or even cheaper.

Step 5

Register on the site of the free SMS sending service Chikka Messenger. After completing the registration process, download the software to your desktop. Enter your email and other details. Having passed once registration on this service, you will be able to constantly send messages abroad. If you are not online, they will come to your mobile or email.

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