How To Send SMS From The Internet To Your Phone For Free

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How To Send SMS From The Internet To Your Phone For Free
How To Send SMS From The Internet To Your Phone For Free

Video: How To Send SMS From The Internet To Your Phone For Free

Video: How To Send SMS From The Internet To Your Phone For Free
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With the development of the Internet and information technology, there are hundreds of ways to save money using various sites and services. Mobile communications are no exception. SMS is the most convenient way to communicate in case you need to send a short message to the addressee. With the internet, you can do this for free using one of the simplest methods. There are many different ways to send SMS from the Internet to your phone for free. We will consider the most simple and convenient options.

How to send SMS from the Internet to your phone for free
How to send SMS from the Internet to your phone for free


Step 1

One of the most traditional (and simplest) methods is sending SMS from the site of the operator providing mobile communications (the one to whose number you are going to send a short message). This method will suit you if you know the telecom operator to which your recipient's number was assigned. Let's try to consider it using the example of sending a message to the client of the operator "Beeline". You need to go to the site, then use the site search or sitemap to find the page with the SMS sending form. After that, you need to enter the recipient's number and the message text. Fill in the field to verify that you are not a bot, and then click on the "Submit" button. If you do not know which operator the subscriber with the number you are interested in belongs to, select the first three digits of the phone without the country code (starting with 9), and insert it into the search bar of any search engine. Then you can find out exactly the operator and use sending a message from his website. Next, you should find the section "Sending SMS messages over the Internet". It should also be noted that such services on operators' sites often provide additional opportunities, for example, sending mms messages.

Step 2

If you are an MTS subscriber, you can also send SMS from the company's official website. To do this, visit the MTS website and in the main menu, move the mouse over the "Mobile Communications" section. In the drop-down menu, select messaging in the "Services" item and click on the link with the left mouse button. On the page that opens, in the left side menu, select the SMS section. Now in the page that opens, find the item "Sending SMS / MMS from the site". By clicking on this item, you will be taken to a form page, filling out which you can quickly, and most importantly, free of charge, send a short message to any MTS subscriber. A prerequisite for sending a message will be to enter your phone number. A special code will be sent to it, which is required to be entered before sending a message. Also enter the recipient's phone number without country code and the message text. You can send 140 characters maximum in one message. But this applies to the Latin alphabet. If you write a message in Russian, then the maximum number of characters is only 50. Now it remains only to prove that you are not a spam program by answering a special question located below the message text window. Press the "Next" button and you will receive an SMS with a special unique code on your phone. By entering it into the window on the site, you will send your message to the addressee. If you do not receive a message with a code, then make sure that you do not have a ban on receiving information messages from the MTS website. This type of SMS sending is completely free.

Step 3

If for some reason you cannot send SMS from your phone, then MTS offers its subscribers to send messages through their personal account. Sending will immediately be made on your behalf and the recipient will be able to easily understand who sent him the SMS. In addition, it will be possible to send a message to any number of any operator, not limited only to correspondence within the network. You can even send a message to another country. You will not need to remember the recipient's phone number. You can select it from your notebook. In your personal account there is a section called the message archive, where you can easily find and view all the information about previously sent SMS. But sending will not be free, its cost depends on your tariff plan.

Step 4

Various special agent programs, created specifically for chatting and correspondence, also in most cases provide ways to save money. Frequently used programs such as mail agent, ICQ or SKYPE are great for sending SMS over the Internet. Sending messages via skype is beneficial in cases when it is necessary to send a short message to the countries of near and far abroad. The cost of a message will be about 5-10 cents, which is approximately equal to the price of a regular SMS in Russia. Sending SMS via Asya or agent will be free, although there are certain restrictions on the number of characters and the number of messages per day. The most convenient option is the ICQ agent from the Rambler portal, which can be downloaded directly from the site.

Step 5

If you do not want to know which operator you are sending SMS to the subscriber, then the easiest way is to use the applications described in the previous step. But if you know all operators by numbers, and you need to send a lot of SMS at once, it makes sense to send messages from one specialized portal. The website offers a convenient form of sending. First you need to select an operator, then write down the number in the required field. Then you can enter the text of the message in the text field. At the end, you need to enter the identification code from the picture and click the "send" button.

Step 6

You can also take advantage of services such as With their help, you can send messages not only to Russia, but also to other countries. The scheme of use is quite simple, just go to the site, then select the country and operator to which your addressee is assigned. After that, you will be redirected to the official website of the operator, where the form for free sending messages will be located.

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