How To Block Ads On The Internet

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How To Block Ads On The Internet
How To Block Ads On The Internet

Video: How To Block Ads On The Internet

Video: How To Block Ads On The Internet
Video: How to Block/Remove (Ads) Advertisements from All Browsers? Chrome/Firefox/Explorer 2023, May

With the development of information technology, more and more advertisers seek to reach their target audience via the Internet. Today it is almost impossible to find a site that does not contain advertising content. And quite often it is no longer possible to simply ignore advertising.

How to block ads on the Internet
How to block ads on the Internet

Not only annoying, but also harmful

Floating windows with advertisements are disguised as sections of pages, aggressive flashing banners float on top of sites, obscuring the content - this is annoying. But, even worse, when you try to close the ad insert by habitual clicking on the cross next to it, new ad pages of very dubious content may open or even viruses may be downloaded.

What to do

Many modern anti-virus products contain modules that allow you to monitor web content and block suspicious content. However, due to their specificity, they are more aimed at combating viral threats, and physically harmless ads are often left untouched.

There are also specialized ad blocking applications such as Adguard, Ad Muncher, AdFender, HtFilter and others.

At the moment, the task of fighting ads in browsers has been simplified due to the appearance of an extension mechanism.

The easiest way is to use one of the most popular browser extensions, Adblock or Adblock Plus.

Google chrome

Go to "Settings", select "Extensions" from the list on the left, follow the link "More extensions", enter Adblock in the search bar of the Chrome web store. In the central part of the page, a list of content suitable for the request will be displayed, where you can select the extension you need to install and install it by clicking the "Install" or "Free" button on the right. After installation, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the browser window, by clicking on which, you can access the management of the installed extension.


Go to "Extensions", item "Manage extensions", click "Install". Enter Adblock in the search bar. For this browser, the best solution would be Opera Adblock, you should select it by clicking the "Add to Opera" button.

Mozilla Firefox

Here, the transition to the management of extensions is carried out through the "Add-ons" item. Otherwise, the installation follows the same principles.

Internet Explorer

Blocking ads via extensions is not implemented here. However, in version 9 and above, Tracking Protection is available. It can be enabled through the "Service" menu, the "Settings" item. The next step is to manually add Tracking Protection Lists. It will not be superfluous to additionally download and add lists for this browser from Adblock, which can be found on the Internet.

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