How To Connect To A Game Server

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How To Connect To A Game Server
How To Connect To A Game Server

Video: How To Connect To A Game Server

Video: How To Connect To A Game Server
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Since games are online, there are dedicated resources where users can play them together. Some servers are more popular than others because they have special software with pre-configured settings.

How to connect to a game server
How to connect to a game server


  • - Internet access;
  • - the game installed on your computer.


Step 1

Download the client for your game to connect to the server. Depending on the game, the connection occurs from its menu or more often when using special software, which you can find on the official website of the game, forums and sites dedicated to this game or on the server website.

Step 2

There you can also find a list of the most famous servers where players gather for online play. If you want to connect to some little-known server, you need to find out the login information in another way.

Step 3

Pay attention to the general programs that are released for different games on the same server, this is usually typical for resources with high traffic. Setting up this program differs in that in its menu you need to select the name of your game from the list, otherwise the actions are almost the same.

Step 4

Here you will most likely also have to create a user account on the official website, while you will need access to your mailbox. Games using such servers can have advanced functionality, which also distinguishes them from other similar resources.

Step 5

Install the client on your computer and make sure you have an active network connection. Enter the IP address of the game server you want to join. After that, enter your login information, if necessary, also enter the password. Start the game and go to multiplayer mode.

Step 6

When entering online play mode, please make sure your internet connection is stable. It does not require high speed, you just need to set the settings to prevent cases of disconnection, so as not to lose the connection with the server. To search for game servers, you can also use the menu of the client you are using or the search engine.

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