How To Create An Online Auction

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How To Create An Online Auction
How To Create An Online Auction

Video: How To Create An Online Auction

Video: How To Create An Online Auction
Video: How to Create an Online Auction 2023, March

Your own online auction allows you not only to make money, but also to get rid of unnecessary things in the house. With online auctions, you can even start a very profitable small business. All that is needed is a computer with Internet access.

How to create an online auction
How to create an online auction


  • - Computer and Internet;
  • - licenses;
  • - things for sale.


Step 1

Read about successful online auctions that already exist. One of them is eBay. You can use it as a reference.

Step 2

Register a special bank account by providing your contact information. Create your page and come up with a custom ID. Using this identifier, the auction participants will be able to access your profile, select items for sale. Be sure to register your activity legally at the nearest tax office.

Step 3

Prepare the items to be auctioned. Create a description for each item. Indicate if it is new or used and anything that makes it unique. Insert keywords into the text by which customers can find it.

Step 4

Take a photo of each lot and upload the photos to your computer in a folder that is always easily accessible. Define a category for each lot. Create a short description for each one. Categories can be specified as you like, for example, sports, cinema, home and garden.

Step 5

Select the price for which you agree to put the lot on sale. Install a special script on the site that allows bidders to set their own prices for trading in real time.

Step 6

Reply to the member's email as soon as they purchase the item. High-quality customer service will be a significant factor in bidding on your auction. Be polite and professional with discretion when dealing with customers. Provide buyers with contact details as soon as they pay for the product. Feedback greatly enhances customer confidence.

Step 7

Send the item to the buyer as soon as possible. Just as it is important for buyers to pay for the item immediately after the auction ends, it is also important for the sender to provide a timely shipment.

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