How To Sell Videos Online

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How To Sell Videos Online
How To Sell Videos Online

Video: How To Sell Videos Online

Video: How To Sell Videos Online
Video: How to Sell Videos Online 2023, December

You can not only watch or download videos online, but also sell them successfully. The organization of a business selling video materials on the Internet has some features, the knowledge of which will help you in the implementation of your idea.

How to sell videos online
How to sell videos online


  • - access to the Internet;
  • - high-quality interesting video materials;
  • - programming skills.


Step 1

Step 2

Create your own website through which you will sell video materials. To be competitive, only post good quality movies, clips and videos. If your material is interesting enough, you can set a certain price for its download. Make watching the video (excerpt, trailer) free. If the user likes it, then the jump is guaranteed. If you are good at programming, write a script that collects money for a download. You can also use the sms service.

Step 3

Sell views of your videos on specific sites. There are similar services on the Internet where you can post them. For a certain number of views of the video, you will receive money. However, in order to earn something in this way, you will need to collect a decent number of views (around a thousand).

Step 4

Use the lucrative way of making money from videos - creating training videos. If you know how to create websites, program - start preparing training material. Record video tutorials explaining how to use software, build websites, and more.

Step 5

Then write the finished lesson on disk, make a cover for it. Promote the video on the Internet. Create a mini-site with a price list and product description. The cost of such a video disc depends on the relevance and volume of information.