How To Contact The Network Administrator

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How To Contact The Network Administrator
How To Contact The Network Administrator

Video: How To Contact The Network Administrator

Video: How To Contact The Network Administrator
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The network administrator, who is also the system administrator, monitors the operation of computer equipment, networks and software, deals with information security issues. Often, it is the system administrator who is responsible for the smooth operation of an organization's website. Sometimes an Internet user needs to contact this specialist.

How to contact the network administrator
How to contact the network administrator

It is necessary

  • - access to the Internet;
  • - contacts for communication;
  • - mobile phone;
  • - ICQ or Skype programs


Step 1

If in the process of working on the Internet you have any problems, and you want to establish contact with the administrator of the resource, it is usually sufficient to go to the appropriate section of the connection. Look for the special page "Contacts" or sections: "About the site", "How to contact us". Contact information is displayed either at the top of the page (in the header of the site) or at the bottom. As a rule, several methods of communication are offered here: a call to a cell phone number, a letter to an e-mail address, or communication via ICQ or Skype programs.

Step 2

In some cases, resource administrators do not leave direct contact information; a feedback form is offered for communication. Clearly and correctly fill in all the fields and enter your question or wishes. If you need an answer, please include your contact information - for example, your email address.

Step 3

Unfortunately, not all resources provide an opportunity to communicate with their administration. In this case, use the Who is service. Today there are several dozen such services. The vast majority of them are designed to check domain availability. Since you need information about its owner, you can refer, for example, to this service: Enter the resource address in the “IP address or domain” line. In a few seconds, all available information about the owner of this resource will appear on your screen. It usually contains contact information.

Step 4

The need to contact the administrator also arises if you have problems with the Internet connection or the quality of the connection. The user usually knows the phone numbers and email addresses of the provider, it is more difficult if the network is accessed via Wi-Fi. Contact the owner of the premises, he should know how to contact the network administrator. There is also a more eccentric way, it should be used as a last resort: find an access point and unplug the RJ45 cable. The connection will be broken, the network administrator will appear in a matter of minutes. Get ready for the fact that he will not be in the best mood.

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