How To Find A Person By Photo

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How To Find A Person By Photo
How To Find A Person By Photo

Video: How To Find A Person By Photo

Video: How To Find A Person By Photo
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There is a standard procedure for finding a person. But in the case when there is very little information, and the only clue is photography, it is necessary to use all possible means.

How to find a person by photo
How to find a person by photo


Step 1

It often happens that, having met a person on vacation, you are so keen on communication that you forget to ask the name, address and other data. It seems that you will be together forever, and all these formalities seem completely unnecessary. But then the veil of dreams subsides, and you realize that from a pleasant acquaintance you have only one photo left. Don't be discouraged or panic. You live in the era of the triumph of information technology, so use all their power for your own good.

Step 2

The most popular media program dedicated to finding people is "Wait for Me". You can go to the official website of the project or send a regular letter by mail. In your request, describe in detail where, when, under what circumstances you met the person you are looking for.

Step 3

Indicate as much exact information as possible, specific dates, places of joint stay. And, of course, add a photo of the person you want to find.

Step 4

The program "Wait for Me" is watched by thousands of people not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Therefore, the likelihood of finding a person using this program is very high. It is the specialists who collaborate with the "Wait for Me" program that often find people with very scant data and one photograph.

Step 5

Also check on the website if they are looking for you. This can be done by sending a personal request (Fig. 1). Enter your first and last name in the "are they looking for you" field and the system will display all matching queries. It is possible that the person you are looking for is looking for you in the same way.

Step 6

The second effective way to find a person from a photo on the Internet is a flash mob on social networks. Compose a message detailing your story. Focus not on dry listing of facts, but on the emotional aspect. End your message with the following phrase: "You can help us meet! Send this message to your friends, and loving hearts will find each other!" Be sure that people will not ignore this story and will spread it in a matter of days, making your search easier.

Step 7

You can find a person from a photo on the Vkontakte social network using special programs that use artificial intelligence functions. This service is called FindFace ( This service is free to use, although it includes paid services. So, in order to make an unlimited number of requests per month or enable additional search settings, you will need to pay. The service works both from a computer and from mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for which a special application has even been created.

Step 8

The Google search engine offers a picture search function. Using it, you can find a certain person captured in the photo. This service is called Google Images. It is enough to download the desired photo on the page or enter the address of this Internet photo in the search box, click on the "Search" button - and the search engine will give all sites containing this or very similar photos … Perhaps, among them there will be resources containing information about a person, or even his page on social networks.

Step 9

A similar service is offered by the Russian search engine Yandex. To use it, go to In the search bar, click on the camera icon and upload the desired photo. You can also just enter the address of the photo on the Internet into the search bar. Click on the "Find" button and you will see all sites on which the same or similar photos are found. Look at these sites, perhaps they will contain some information about the person.

Step 10

You can find the original source of the photo using the TinEye service ( Specify the link to the photo in the search bar or upload it from your computer. The service will start searching for the original site of the photos, sorted by relevance.

Step 11

You can also find a person by the description of the photo. To do this, you need to add keywords to the photo itself that will help search engines find a boring person. Enter keywords in the search box. For example, it can be the last name of the person or the address of the site where you need to find information.

Step 12

Step 13

There are also special services that help you find the required information about a person. To do this, you need to register on the appropriate website and send a request. As a rule, many of these services are paid. One of the most famous services that search for people by photography is the Photodate website. It can recognize various images, as well as perform search analysis in virtual spaces.

Step 14

You can try to find a person through social networks if all of the above methods did not work. According to statistics, most of the residents of Russia and the CIS countries are registered in the social network VKontakte. This site has a fairly large number of groups where they offer to find a person by photograph. You can indicate information about the person you are looking for on the group wall and place a photo there. Perhaps community members will help you with your search.

Step 15

In addition, you can use a special search line on VKontakte. To do this, you need to know at least some data about the person you want to find. Enter these data in the search fields (gender, age, city, university), and then look at the pages of people that the system will give you. Perhaps you will see a familiar photograph among them.

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