How To Buy A Promoted Website

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How To Buy A Promoted Website
How To Buy A Promoted Website

Video: How To Buy A Promoted Website

Video: How To Buy A Promoted Website
Video: How to Promote Your Website and Get More Traffic (on a Shoestring Budget) 2023, September

One of the most profitable activities is website maintenance. With the right promotion, the number of visitors constantly increases, the return grows, and the costs almost always remain constant. However, the process of website development is rather long and complicated. Many find it easier to buy an already promoted resource.

How to buy a promoted website
How to buy a promoted website

Decide on the criteria. There are several main characteristics that determine the quality and cost of the site. These include, first of all, attendance. Depending on the topic, this indicator can be assessed in different ways. For example, 500 daily visitors to a construction site? cost much more than a culinary resource.

The quality and uniqueness of the content. Of course, the better and more diverse the content is presented on the site, the more the buyer will have to pay for it. For example, if the owner writes only short notes, then he will receive less for the sale of the site than if he published his own drawings, video and audio podcasts.

It is best to focus on traffic indicators, since it is he who determines how interesting the site is to users and search engines.

The so-called "puzomerki" - indicators of TCI and PR. They determine how high-quality a site is in the eyes of search engines. Several years ago, most of the Internet resources were bought based on these indicators. Now, more attention is paid to another factor. This is due to the decrease in the role of links in search engine promotion.

Design. It can be standard, unique, and unique. The varieties are listed in ascending order of value. It should be noted that a unique design is a standard design, in which the author of the site has made his own changes. The phenomenon is quite popular, since few people can create a design from scratch, but it is easy to slightly alter someone else's work.


After the criteria are formed, place your ad on special exchanges for buying and selling sites, as well as forums where a large number of webmasters communicate. As a rule, offers begin to arrive instantly, since this market is overflowing with those who want to sell their own resource.

Ask the price first. The fact is that everyone sets the price in their own way, there are no clear restrictions. Sometimes you can buy a resource with huge traffic and "puzomerki" for mere pennies, and sometimes even for a few thousand you cannot find a good resource. Therefore, it is better not to rush with the purchase.

You can also search for offers yourself, and on the same sources. As a rule, the main indicators are indicated in the headings, so you can quickly find a suitable option, without wasting time looking through each resource.


If you find a suitable option on the exchange, then the situation is much easier. The administration will do everything for you. For a certain percentage, it will allow you to make a purchase transaction completely safe.

As a rule, money is transferred to a WebMoney account; web-masters may ask for payment on a card.

Buying a site on your own, you run the risk of losing your money, you need to take this into account and be extremely careful. Transfer money with protection, or better use the services of a guarantor.