How To Find The Admin Panel

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How To Find The Admin Panel
How To Find The Admin Panel

Video: How To Find The Admin Panel

Video: How To Find The Admin Panel
Video: [HINDI] How to Find Admin Panel of Any Website🔥🔥 | Automated Python Brute Force 2023, March

To solve some problems, sometimes it becomes necessary to find a panel for managing the site, or in abbreviated form the admin panel, through which the team of administrators performs actions to manage the site. Its appearance and structure, as well as its standard location, depend on the content management system. This system plays a very important role for the site.

How to find the admin panel
How to find the admin panel


  • - computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - the reiluk program.


Step 1

To find the admin panel for the site, you first need to find out the type of CMS (content management system), if any. There are many ways to do this. But the best option would be to use a special service that allows you to determine the type of content management system via the Internet by entering a special domain address bar.

Step 2

Follow this link Next, enter the domain name or IP address where the site is located. Click on the "Find" button. After verification, the system will give you data

Step 3

If the site was created using a content management system, then you can find the admin panel by manual selection, using the most various options. For example, enter / administrator /, /login.php/, /admin/index.php/, / admin /, / login / etc. There are many options.

Step 4

If this method did not help to find the admin panel, try to recognize it using the reiluk program, having previously downloaded it from the Internet using the link Next, install the program on your computer. Try to install everything in the directory of the C drive, since all logs are saved in this category

Step 5

After installing the program on your computer, open the downloaded archive. If a message appears asking you to enter a password, write in the special field Now open the.exe file, and in the window that opens, enter the link to the desired site. A list will open below, where all the data you need will be indicated. As you can see, finding your site's dashboard is not that hard. Almost any problem on the Internet can be solved, you just need to know certain methods.

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