How To Update Statistics On The Server

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How To Update Statistics On The Server
How To Update Statistics On The Server

Video: How To Update Statistics On The Server

Video: How To Update Statistics On The Server
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The popular all over the world game Counter Strike, focused primarily on playing with real opponents, is still alive and well. Interest in it does not fade away until now thanks to the emergence of new models of weapons and players, maps and new game servers. If you have your own server and you are interested in updating statistics on the server, read the instructions.

How to update statistics on the server
How to update statistics on the server


Step 1

Updating, or clearing, statistics (in this case, an equal sign is placed between these words) in CS 1.6 can be done in three ways. The first one is through the console. To do this, open it by clicking on the "~" (tilde) button and enter csstats_reset 1. Next, you need to restart the map - enter restart 1 there and press Enter. Don't forget about pressing Enter after typing the first console command.

Step 2

The second option is to delete the csstats.dat file. To do this, turn off the server, find the above file in the cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ data \ folder, then turn on the server.

Step 3

And the last way: using a utility called WinCSX. As in the previous option, first shut down the server. Next, run the WinCSX.exe executable file, click on the Clear Stats button, confirm your actions by clicking on the Yes button, and then turn on the server.

Step 4

It should be noted that these manipulations cannot be performed when the server is turned on. Csstats.dat and other statistics files, with which the server works constantly, are loaded into RAM. And they will be overwritten again after restarting or shutting down the server, while they are in the OP.

Step 5

On some game servers (not only in CS, but in general in general), administrators make automatic statistics updates, for example, every hour. For example, on the server, auto-update is enabled, and you can view the statistics at

Step 6

When you click on this link, you will be taken to the current statistics page. There are two points to note here. If instead of Russian characters where they should actually be, you see some incomprehensible characters, go to the encoding options of your browser and enable the automatic recognition of Russian characters. For example, in Mozilla Firefox this item is Web Developer → Character Encoding. Next select Auto-Detect → Russian.

Step 7

Second point: if you use any browser on the Chromium engine, following the link, you will see the page of the last statistics you downloaded. To display the new statistics, you need to refresh the page.

Step 8

You can find out the statistics right on the server. To do this, enter the command / top20. However, recently, not the first 20, but the first 100 players have been shown.

Step 9

Also, a statistics page has been added to the server, where the nicknames of the card winners are displayed. Added information about the time it took a person to win. It also shows how many people were left at the end of the map. These statistics can be viewed at the following link: http://statsgungame…nt/cur_win.html. The update is, again, hourly.

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