How To Make Your Capital Online

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How To Make Your Capital Online
How To Make Your Capital Online

Video: How To Make Your Capital Online

Video: How To Make Your Capital Online
Video: Financial Education Video - How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur 2023, March

There are many ways to make capital online. Some of them are designed for specialists - for example, web designers, programmers, copywriters. Others are available to site owners. There are those for which neither special skills nor their own Internet resource are required. The only point: the amount of earnings is directly proportional to your competencies.

How to make your capital online
How to make your capital online


  • -Computer;
  • -Internet;
  • -Website.


Step 1

Get involved in the production of sites, their promotion or writing articles to order. Of course, you need to have skills in this, as well as already completed projects that you can refer to. It makes sense to find customers through numerous freelance exchanges, or by placing ads on job search sites.

Step 2

Sell links from your site. Depending on the TIC and PR indicators, from a site with a thousand pages, you can earn from 10 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, it is not forbidden to have several similar sites. You can also sell links using exchanges. By registering and setting up filters once, you will subsequently receive "passive" income.

Step 3

Create an online store. If there is no desire and ability to work with a real product (this requires suppliers, a delivery service, an office, etc.), you can sell something that can be sent over the Internet. For example, documents developed for a specific industry, photographs, e-books, etc. At the same time, you can set up acceptance of payments through SMS billing. The only point: it is very convenient, but not very profitable. Most operators charge 35-45 percent of your income.

Step 4

Sell ads from your site. To do this, you can join any banner exchange club or, for example, conclude an agreement for the sale of contextual advertising with one of the search engines. The most profitable in terms of earned capital is Yandex. Direct. But this resource does not conclude contracts with all sites: the traffic of your resource should be from 400-500 people per day, and the origin of the content is exclusively copyright.

Step 5

Sign contracts with online stores and present their products on your website. This type of interaction is called "affiliate programs". With one "affiliate program" you can earn about 15 thousand rubles. per month. But for this it is necessary that the text content of your resource is relevant to the offered goods, and for search queries the site goes to the top of the main systems.

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