How To Submit Orders

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How To Submit Orders
How To Submit Orders

Video: How To Submit Orders

Video: How To Submit Orders
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Recently, it has become very popular to send orders for various cosmetics, household appliances, goods for home and family via the Internet. But not every person is able to figure it out on their own and not make mistakes when ordering. Follow some simple tips, and ordering goods via the Internet will not give you any trouble at all.

How to submit orders
How to submit orders


Step 1

Visit the website of the online store that interests you. The site, as a rule, contains all the information about the operations that you must complete before placing an order. Read all instructions carefully, do not miss a single word. Read the small print well.

Step 2

Specify how you will receive your order and during what period, how much you will have to pay for the service provided, including postage.

Step 3

In order to place an order, you need to fully indicate the name of all goods and their quantity. If each product has a specific code, then be careful with numbers. Having made a mistake in the figure, you will place an order for another product. Responsibility for such an act is borne only by the buyer if the order is made without assistance.

Step 4

Specify completely your postal address, last name, first name, patronymic, contact phone numbers, e-mail address are desirable. It is possible that a response to the confirmation of your order will come to you by e-mail indicating the full cost of the order and a request for its confirmation. After confirmation, the goods are sent by registered post or parcel usually within three days.

Step 5

Choose one of the payment methods for your order. It can be prepayment or cash on delivery. Electronic transfers through the "QIWI-Wallet" service or, for example, "Cyber Money" postal electronic transfer. Always indicate the method convenient for you during registration.

Step 6

All stores guarantee a 14-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if the product did not suit you in size or does not suit you in operation, then you can return it without giving reasons.

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