How To Come Up With A Good Password

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How To Come Up With A Good Password
How To Come Up With A Good Password

Video: How To Come Up With A Good Password

Video: How To Come Up With A Good Password
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A good password is the key to online security. The easiest way to create it is to use special generators. However, you can create it yourself, using the recommendations of the web developers.

How to come up with a good password
How to come up with a good password


Step 1

Avoid using simple passwords like 123456 or qwerty right away. Hackers use programs that automatically pick hundreds of ciphers for an account. It is simple passwords that are most often cracked. On the Internet, you can find special databases that contain a complete list of them. You can go over it to check the strength of the password.

Step 2

Use data that you can easily remember, but at the same time it should not be obvious to attackers. For example, you can translate the meaning of your last name or the nickname of an animal into English. After that, add letters of different case, numbers and punctuation marks. This will provide the greatest reliability. Try to use passwords longer than 8 characters.

Step 3

For example, your pet's name is Sharik. If you translate this into English, you get sharik. Then you need to change the case of letters. Let's say it will be SHarIK. Add numbers and signs: 7SHarIK !. Such a password is almost impossible to crack, but easy to remember. You can carry out similar operations with any words.

Step 4

If the previous method does not work for you, use abbreviations. It's good if you have a favorite expression or know a long famous phrase - just shorten it. For example, "visiting is good, but at home it is better." Highlight the first letters: "vghadl". Then print them using the English layout: du [flk.

Step 5

You can use any expression as a password as long as you actively use associative thinking. In this case, the likelihood of hacking will be minimal. Take a random phrase. For example, "the horse loves gum." Imagine in your head the image of a horse chewing gum with a huge smile. Since such a fantasy is quite vivid, the brain will quickly remember it.

Step 6

Then, if necessary, translate this phrase into English. If the system also accepts Russian passwords, then you can leave everything as it is. Combine the words in such a way as to remove all spaces. Change the case of the words. The result will be something like: "horse LOVE gum" or horseLIKEbubblegum.

Step 7

To make your protection even more secure, you can flip the password. For example, the first example might get! KIraHS7. In this case, it will be even more difficult for hackers to find the right combination. This method works best with one-word, simple passwords, but its use is appropriate everywhere.