How To Roll Back A Version

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How To Roll Back A Version
How To Roll Back A Version

Video: How To Roll Back A Version

Video: How To Roll Back A Version
Video: How To Roll back a steam game to previous version 2023, March

Game developers have their own concept of releasing games: initially, a basic version of the game is created and published, and then, in the process of using it by gamers, various patches are created. If you have installed a patch for the game World of Warcraft and do not know how to return the previous version (the expansion did not suit you), use the advice below.

How to roll back a version
How to roll back a version


World of Warcraft game installed on your computer


Step 1

When installing the patch, most of the files inside the game folder are replaced with copies. By default, many games create directories that contain source files. Of course, you can try to simply install again from the original disk, but this creates a chance to lose the performance of the saved records.

Step 2

To restore the files you need, you need to use the special Repair program, which is included in the distribution kit of any Blizzard product. But for its correct operation, it is necessary to prepare absolutely all the game files. Copy them from the C: Program FilesWorld of Warcraft folder to any other directory (this is done just in case, for recovery).

Step 3

Go back to the original directory with the game, select all folders except the Data directory. Please note that you need to delete folders, and files below the directories do not need to be touched.

Step 4

After that, open the Data folder and delete 2 files from it: patch. MPQ and patch-2. MPQ. These files are nothing more than a recently installed patch. Then open the file (located in the C: Program FilesWorld of WarcraftData folder

uru) with any text editor and clean up its contents. Enter the following sentence: set realmlist Remember to save the file on close by clicking Yes in the dialog that appears.

Step 5

Find and double-click the Repair.exe file in the main game folder. When Cannot connect to the server to appears, run the file again. In the Blizzard Repair window that opens, check the boxes next to the existing 3 checkboxes and click the Reset and Check files button. After the Blizzard Repair has successfully repaired World of Warcraft message appears, close the utility window.

Step 6

Now start the game and check its version. If desired, you can install another version over this version.

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