How To Place Free Ads

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How To Place Free Ads
How To Place Free Ads

Video: How To Place Free Ads

Video: How To Place Free Ads
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You have a product - we have a buyer. How do we find each other? Through advertising, of course. An ad is a good way to advertise yourself and find potential customers / buyers. Let's try to place free ads.

Internet advertising
Internet advertising


Step 1

Enter "place a free advertisement" or "free place an advertisement" in the search bar.

Step 2

Evaluate the performance of the site where you want to place your free ad. It is important to know the number of visitors, categories of goods / services, how convenient the search is on the site, and whether the number of views of advertisements is displayed.

Find out if your group of goods / services is included in the list of admitted to free advertising.

Step 3

If the first impression of the site-site is positive, look at the reviews of those who have already used the services and placed their free ads.

Find out if ad placement involves hidden fees. It is very common for the "free" to be followed by an offer to deposit funds for "service", "maintenance", "editing" and other imposed services. Be careful.

Step 4

Choose sites where you can post photos of goods / services, logos. Ask if it is possible to enhance the ad with visual effects (animation, video sequences, slideshows). All this will allow you to attract a large number of potential customers interested in your advertisement.

Step 5

There is one big plus in free advertising: it saves your budget, allows you to declare yourself without additional investment. This is especially important if you have a small business. If you are just starting to promote your business, free advertising will come in handy. It is also better to resort to it if you are not sure about the profitability of your project.

Step 6

The downside to free advertising is its limitations. First, there is a limited number of places where it can be placed. Secondly, the limited number of visitors who can see it. Often so-called free advertising platforms provide an opportunity to place certain categories of advertising for free. As a rule, this is a rather narrow list, but if your business is among the eligible for free advertising, then use this opportunity.

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