Where To Insert Tags

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Where To Insert Tags
Where To Insert Tags

Video: Where To Insert Tags

Video: Where To Insert Tags
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HTML tags are inserted into the page code, which is subsequently converted by the program (browser) into the site page interface. To insert descriptors, you need to open the HTML file in a text editor and enter the appropriate tags in the code sections on the page.

Where to insert tags
Where to insert tags


Step 1

Create an HTML file using the system or use an already created document. To do this, click on the desktop or in a separate folder with the right mouse button and select "New" - "Text Document". Specify a name for the file to be created, and replace the txt value after the period with html. To open an HTML file in the editor, right-click on it and select "Open With". In the list of applications that appears, select the "Notepad" item to edit the code.

Step 2

Create a page template using the appropriate tags. Write at the very top of the document. This tag is responsible for identifying the page by the browser and all other page elements must be enclosed in it. Next, you need to open the section that is responsible for the transfer of headers. Here all the service information about the document is displayed, the script code in other languages is indicated, CSS style sheets are inserted. A tag is used to set the title of the page to be displayed at the top of the browser window.

Step 3

After specifying the required data and closing, the section begins, i.e. body of the page. Here, page elements are specified in a fixed order, scripts are integrated and the rest of the code fits in. It is in this tag that the content of the page displayed in the browser is indicated: text, links, graphics, active design elements. After specifying the list of elements, it usually closes and closes the document and ends editing.

Step 4

Thus, tags are inserted into the page in the following order:

Page title

Document text and tags a, font, img, table, etc., responsible for the design of the resource

Step 5

Save changes in the written page using the item "File" - "Save". Click on the file with the right mouse button and open the document using your browser using the "Open With" command. Check the display of elements on the page. The insertion of HTML tags into the code is now complete.

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