What Nickname Can You Think Of

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What Nickname Can You Think Of
What Nickname Can You Think Of

Video: What Nickname Can You Think Of

Video: What Nickname Can You Think Of
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The name "nickname" comes from the English nickname - a pseudonym. The pseudonym is used by actors, writers, composers and other ministers of show business, but in the context of "nickname" the pseudonym is usually used on the Internet: on social networks, blogs, forums, online games, etc.

What nickname can you think of
What nickname can you think of

Coming up with an original and memorable nickname that no one else has is the primary task of any regular on forums and chats.

What is a nickname for?

Before coming up with a nickname, decide what you need it for. There are various reasons for creating a nickname - games, dating, chat rooms, social networks, etc. Each of these areas requires an original and memorable pseudonym. If you use a non-unique nickname, a funny thing can happen: someone will confuse you with another user or you will meet a person who has the same nickname.

On some sites, it is impossible to register under the same nickname that is already in use. In this case, you will be offered a choice of several variants of the name, supplemented with numbers. There is no zest and originality in such pseudonyms, and this will not protect you from curiosities, because people remember exactly the letters, and not the numbers following them.

The nickname must first of all correspond to the activity for which you create it. If you are blogging, then you should pay attention to something related to writing, for example, "The Furious Writer"; if it is an online game, then the nickname should reflect the nature of your character.

And the nickname should be with a twist. This zest should associate your nickname with you. Other users will certainly have a question: "Why did you choose this particular nickname?"

Ways to come up with a nickname

The simplest nickname that is able to intrigue the interlocutor is one letter. There are only a few dozen letters, and several million people, and on some sites there is a limitation on the length of the alias. But nobody forbids using symbols. One letter, for example, A, repeated several times, interspersed with symbols, will actually be a unique nickname: A ♥ A ♦ A ♣ A, AA, A @ A, etc.

The second easy way to come up with a nickname is to use flip-flops, i.e. words read backwards. If your name is not a palindrome, then you can turn it over, for example, Roman - nomar. If you don't like the sound, add an article, a couple of letters, or just rearrange the letters - al nomar, normar, moran.

You will get a very effective nickname if you add the ending –er to your favorite action, i.e. create a verbal noun - Gamer (player), Skater (reader), etc.

Play on words is a good way to come up with a nickname. The essence of this method is to replace a consonant element in a word with a number or symbol. For example, Twig - We., Tuzik - 2zik.

If the above methods do not work, refer to mythology. Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Scandinavian, Slavic and other cultures are filled with sonorous names that can be a great pseudonym.

And, finally, the most common way - use the nickname that your friends gave you, if it is not quite ordinary, or slightly modify it using one of the methods known to you.

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