How To Send A Gift To VKontakte For Free

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How To Send A Gift To VKontakte For Free
How To Send A Gift To VKontakte For Free

Video: How To Send A Gift To VKontakte For Free

Video: How To Send A Gift To VKontakte For Free

A Vkontakte gift is a sign of attention that is always a pleasure to receive. But it's even more enjoyable to send gifts and bring joy to others. So that good intentions do not put too much pressure on your pocket, you can use the opportunity to send gifts free of charge.

How to send at to VKontakte for free
How to send at to VKontakte for free

Vkontakte promotions

On some holidays, the social network officially provides its users with the opportunity to send gifts for free. For example, on May 9, you can send up to 20 St. George ribbons without votes. Similar actions are held on New Year's Eve. Usually, three different gifts can be sent on New Year's Eve - these gifts change every year.

Special offers

The official currency of the social network is votes. It is when they are available that the user has a chance to send a gift to Vkontakte. In order not to pay for votes from your wallet, you can try to earn them by following a few simple steps.

Go to "My Settings" and select the "Balance" tab. By clicking on the "Get votes" button, select "Special offers" from the list. A small window will open on the screen, where, in ascending order of payment, tasks will be posted for which you can get votes for free.

Offers can be very different: from a request to join a group, to obtaining loans from a bank. And the payment for completing tasks accordingly differs in price.

In any case, you will surely receive votes for free if you do everything correctly and can send a gift for free.

Voices in apps

Recently, votes could be earned in social networking applications. To do this, it was enough to advertise the program on your page. You can earn votes in this way to this day, but with the condition that they will be used only within the framework of this application. This new rule was officially introduced by the Vkontakte administration.

What to watch out for

On the Internet there are a huge number of offers in the form of special programs for sending free gifts to Vkontakte. It is enough to enter the appropriate query in the search engine, and all these proposals will fall on your head. But rest assured that nothing good will come of it.

The developers of the social network have not in vain introduced a universal currency in the form of votes. Votes can be used to pay for premium services in apps and send gifts. This is one of the sources of income for Vkontakte and app creators, so none of these people will write an official utility for free gifts.

Only one conclusion can be drawn from this. Each of these utilities is either paid and contains a virus, or free and also contains a virus. In any case, by downloading such a script, you not only run the risk of losing money, but also infect your computer.

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