How To Play As A Shaman

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How To Play As A Shaman
How To Play As A Shaman

Video: How To Play As A Shaman

Video: How To Play As A Shaman
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At the initial levels, the shaman gives some advantages over other players in the game World of Warcraft due to the wide capabilities of the heroes of this class. However, the popularity of the shaman in the game is not due to this, but to the ability to use various spells and wear medium armor with heavy weapons, which makes him an almost universal fighter for any situation.

How to play as a shaman
How to play as a shaman


Step 1

To play as a shaman, start the game and select this class. Once your hero is in the game world, open the character window. There, look at his characteristics and distribute the perks (selective abilities of the character) primarily on intelligence, as well as on endurance and strength. After that, select the shaman's specialization, i.e. those his abilities that you will develop more than others.

By focusing on the Elements, you will be able to unleash combat magic on the enemy, choosing Enhancement, you will be able to charge your weapons and armor with various spells that will operate constantly. By choosing the Heal ability, you can heal yourself and those around you, although you will remain a mediocre fighter.

Step 2

Having finished with the characteristics of the character, go to the quest characters and take tasks from them that correspond to your level. Complete them, get a reward and go to the in-game store. Buy clothes there, and if you have enough money, improve them. After that, buy scrolls of healing and regeneration and go to the arena. Fight there until you reach level 4. For a change, in between fights, complete various tasks to get money and trophies.

Step 3

Having received level 4, open the character window and select the spirit that will accompany you. If you need to distract the enemy from yourself, choose the spirit of the stone, which has a high level of health. Choose the spirit of the wind for tournaments and arena battles, and use the spirit of fire for battles against a mass of enemies.

Step 4

After collecting and equipping your shaman, go in search of adventure. If possible, join the raid group going to complete the quest. Support your followers with healing spells and engage in hand-to-hand combat. If you are seriously injured, just step behind the backs of friendly fighters and ask you to heal.

Step 5

Going in search of adventure alone, grab a faithful spirit with you and set it on the enemy. As soon as you have such opportunities, set up totems on the battlefield that attack the enemy. Retreat yourself and shower the enemy with combat spells until he dies, while he is distracted by the destruction of your hand spirit and totems.

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