How To Learn To Play On The Internet

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How To Learn To Play On The Internet
How To Learn To Play On The Internet

Video: How To Learn To Play On The Internet

Video: How To Learn To Play On The Internet
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Despite the fact that all online games are, in fact, the same computer games, only with a permanent connection to the Internet, there are several varieties of them. These are multiplayer games, online casino, browser and flash games.

How to learn to play on the Internet
How to learn to play on the Internet


Step 1

Most often, wanting to have fun and just relax, without getting hung up on complicated rules, users choose browser games and flash games. Browser Internet games use any web browser as a gaming platform - Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. They do not require the installation of additional applications, however, the speed of browsing is limited by the capabilities of the browser.

Step 2

To start playing one of them, open a web browser and search for a list of popular browser games in any of the search engines. Follow the active link to the site of the Internet game you like.

Step 3

Read the information about the game on the main page of the site and, if you are satisfied with the rules and description of the main features, click on the "Registration" tab. Provide basic information about yourself, including e-mail, select a nickname, avatar (character picture) and click on the "Register" item. Then enter the invented nickname and password in the appropriate fields and start playing.

Step 4

Flash games are the simplest online games and are primarily intended for easy entertainment. They take up little computer memory and are based on a special flash player.

Step 5

Before you start playing, open your internet browser and select your flash player developer. Typically, an Adobe program is used for online games. Follow the link to

Step 6

Select the "Downloads" section and in the list of programs that appears, click on Adobe Flash. When the page with the description of the flash player appears on the screen, determine the language of the Russian program, then click on Download now. Once the installation file downloads, activate it and install the flash player on your computer. Then go back to your internet browser and find the flash game you like. Follow the link to the site and start the game.

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