How To Watch A Movie Without Ads

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How To Watch A Movie Without Ads
How To Watch A Movie Without Ads

Video: How To Watch A Movie Without Ads

Video: How To Watch A Movie Without Ads
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Now, to watch your favorite movie, you don't need to run to a rental office, store or cinema. You can download it from the comfort of your home or even watch it online. There are a lot of options that allow you to download a movie to your computer - these are torrent trackers, thematic forums. There are sites with online video viewing. How to choose the best website for yourself?

How to watch a movie without ads
How to watch a movie without ads

It is necessary

  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - browser software;
  • - torrent client.


Step 1

Open a browser program, enter a search query in the selected search engine (for example,,,, in which specify the title of the film, the year of release, if you know it, and the word "watch online" or "download". The best download is if you want to watch a movie without ads. If the search did not return any results, enter the English version of the title if the film is foreign. Click on the link with the search result, click on the download movie link. Often, downloads are uploaded to free file download services such as deposit, rapidshare, letitbit. To download a movie to your computer from this site, click on the link "free download with waiting" and wait until the link to download the file appears. Then click on the link, choose where to save the movie and click the Ok button. After downloading, open the file with any media player to watch the movie without ads.

Step 2

Go to the torrent tracker website - to do this, open the browser program and enter the url of the torrent you want, for example,, On the forum, select the section with the desired film genre. Or in the "search" section enter the title of the movie. Next, go to the subject of the movie To download and watch movies without ads, you need to register on the tracker. Follow the link "registration", fill out the registration form, come up with a username and password, enter your email. Open the letter that will come to your mail and click on the link to activate your account. Enter your username and password on the site, update the theme with the movie.

Step 3

Click on the link "download the torrent file" - then the torrent client will open. In it, select the location to save the file and click Ok. Wait for the movie to download and launch it using any media player.

Step 4

Go to a site that allows you to watch a movie online, for example, or On the left in the menu, select the genre of the movie you want to watch or enter its name in the search. You can also search for videos on the Vkontakte website. If you find the movie you want to watch it, select the link to the movie and start the Play button.

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