How To Send A Large File By Mail

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How To Send A Large File By Mail
How To Send A Large File By Mail

Video: How To Send A Large File By Mail

Video: How To Send A Large File By Mail
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Email is a proven, reliable and convenient means of communication. Thanks to the ability to create attachments to letters, not only text, but also files of any format can be sent via email. However, the recipient's mail server can set limits on the amount of data in a message. What if you need to send a large file by mail?

How to send a large file by mail
How to send a large file by mail


  • - mail program or access to the web-interface of the mail service;
  • - Internet connection;
  • - a file manager with the function of splitting a file, a utility for splitting a file or an archiver with the function of creating multivolume archives.


Step 1

Find out the maximum total volume of a letter that is accepted by the correspondent's mail server. If the mailbox of the recipient of a large file is served by a company that provides a public service, go to the website of that company or service. Study the information provided there. Most likely, the site contains the main parameters of the services offered to customers.

Step 2

If the mail service of the correspondent is not public, try contacting him or the administrator who maintains the server to obtain the necessary information. To contact the administrator, write letters to addresses like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], where domain.tld is the actual domain name of the mail service

Step 3

Create a temporary folder on your computer's hard drive. Use any file manager or the corresponding capabilities of the operating system. If there is already a directory on the disk for storing temporary files, you can use it.

Step 4

Break a large file to be mailed into pieces. The size of each part should be slightly (by several tens of kilobytes) less than the maximum allowable amount of data received by the recipient's mail server. The splitting result should be placed in the previously created temporary directory.

Step 5

If the file manager has the option to split a file, use it. For example, in order to split a file in Total Commander, you need to select it in one of the panels. In another panel, you need to open the target folder (temporary directory). Then you should select the items "File", "Split file …" in the menu, enter the value of the volume of the part and press OK.

Step 6

Use the functions of creating multivolume archives of archiving programs to split the data of the transferred file into parts. The advantage of this method is that the total amount of data can be significantly reduced. However, the recipient of the file must have an appropriate unpacker program.

Step 7

In order to split the file into parts, you can use special utilities. For example, Linux distributions usually include a split program designed for this very purpose.

Step 8

Send a large file by mail. Send the first of the chunks into which the original file was split as an email attachment to the recipient. In the body of the letter, indicate a list of all parts and the program that you need to use to assemble them. Send the rest of the file as email attachments.