How To Send A 1 GB File

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How To Send A 1 GB File
How To Send A 1 GB File

Video: How To Send A 1 GB File

Video: How To Send A 1 GB File
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The need to exchange large files is becoming more common among users. Movies, programs, collections of music, document archives - this is not a complete list of options when the attachment size exceeds the size of the allowed email attachments. There are several ways to send and receive large files.

How to send a 1 GB file
How to send a 1 GB file


  • - a computer with an internet connection;
  • - registration on a file hosting service;
  • - mailbox;
  • - programs emule, edonkey;
  • - connection to Sendoid.


Step 1

See the maximum attachment size for your mailbox. Please note that files are recoded during transfer, so this size needs to be reduced by about a third. Make sure that letters of this size can be received by your subscriber. To do this, just look at his mail server.

Step 2

Create a folder on your computer and copy the required file there. Open the folder through Total Commander. Select the content, open the File menu and find the Split function there. Open the window with the left mouse button and enter the required number of parts. Specify the directory where you want to place the "split" file.

Step 3

The program will number the fragments by itself. Send the contents of the folder piece by piece, trying to keep order. The advantage of this method is that the respondent will receive the file he needs at any time. But there are also significant drawbacks. It will take a lot of time to send. In addition, the addressee must be able to "glue" files.

Step 4

A file hosting service can help you and your addressee. Even if the service allows you to upload files less than 1 GB in size, you will have to divide the original file into much fewer parts than when sending via a regular mailbox. Yandex, for example, allows you to upload files larger than 1 GB. All that is required is registration, which may be useful for other purposes as well. On you can place files up to 900 MB, but without registration. You don't need to register with Filedropper, which accepts files up to 5 GB. The most popular exchanger is RapidSharе.

Step 5

Upload the file to the exchanger. If necessary, set a password - most file hosting services provide such an opportunity. Copy the download link and send it to your recipient via email, Skype, etc.

Step 6

Use programs like Emule or Edonkey. If you and your respondent have one of them installed, just place the required file in the folder where your donkeys usually upload movies and music. Send the link to the addressee. You can give what you want to transfer an original name so that the recipient himself can find what he needs through a search engine. However, in this case, the file can be downloaded by someone else. The advantage of this method is that the programs support resuming. Poho; the method allows you to transfer information and a torrent client.

Step 7

Take advantage of direct fast file transfer. This feature is provided by Sendoid. It is necessary to log out to it simultaneously from both computers. The information is transmitted through the browser. You just need to give the recipient a link, and he should start receiving the file immediately. This method has two main disadvantages. The transfer is in real time, and this service, of course, does not support resume. But the shortcomings are more than offset by speed.

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